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Hi, my name is Borja! I’m currently a C++ developer specialized in building real time applications, game engines and tools that other people will use to create content. This is what I studied at university and worked on so far but I’m always looking forward to learn about other programming languages and industries.

In this webpage you can find the games and some of the projects I have worked on so far, as well as my blog, where I talk about topics I find interesting and worth sharing.

Don’t hesitate to contact me to talk about game development, tools, UX or programming in general! I’m always looking forward to learn new things or help others, may be we can learn something from each other 🙂


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Everything you find in this webpage represents my own personal opinion and thoughts. Which may not be related to the points of view of companies or institutions I mention, like CD PROJEKT RED or DigiPen Bilbao.

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