On Air

Jam: Global Game Jam 2017

Theme: Waves

Date: January 2017

Site: Azkuna Zentroa

Type: Team project

Engine: GameMaker

Download: https://globalgamejam.org/2017/games/air

About the game

High Concept: 2D time management game where the player has to maintain a TV station on air all by himself trying to get the highest tv share and add revenue possible. He will have to deal with the organisation difficulties and the unexpected whims of his boss.

The Experience

My first Game Jam, I went with three DigiPen friends, it was our first time in these kind of event.

Until that date, we had built three game engines from scratch for our DigiPen projects and we wanted to try something new. We decided to use GameMaker because we knew it was a very popular game engine in game jams for its simplicity.

The experience was AMAZING! We learned how to use the engine while we where working on the game and we where able to develop all the features we planned. We where really happy about the result and with the overall experience, counting the days for the next Game Jam.


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