Paperfly Effect


Jam: Global Game Jam 2018

Theme: Transmissions

Date: January 2018

Site: Azkuna Zentroa

Type: Team project

Engine: Unreal Engine 4


About the game

High Concept: Paperfly Effect is a 3D playing sandbox where the player incarnates a butterfly and has to break havoc.

The game idea came from the famous sentence “Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Hong Kong set off a tornado in New York?”. This sentence is the one that gives sense to the “butterfly effect” concept, how a little change in one place can create big reactions in other places, in this case, due to the transmission of the air waves. Now, what happens if the butterfly cannot come out of the room where he is? Want to know it? Play Paperfly Effect and discover it!

The Experience

Over all, as in my first game jam, the experience was amazing! I am very happy with othe result, at first we where a bit scared about making a game that would not be fun, then, the game got all of us catch making things fly in a physics simulation sandbox.

Game jams can be tiring and stressing, but over all, they are very rewarding. When the theme is revealed, you start panicking because you need to get an idea as fast as possible. Then, 48 hours latter, you find out that you haven’t only come up with an original idea, but you also have been able to create a prototype for it. That is the best moment, when you see all the work that has been done in just two days and people is having fun with it.

My work

Well, the development time was so tight that we had to make quick rearranges on the tasks planned and make quick fixes here and there at any time. Summarizing, I programmed the wind power that makes the objects move and created the animations that happen at the beginning and ending of the game as well as create the logic for this game flow to happen.

The Team


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