Coin Master

High concept: Coin Master is a 2D resource management game in which you have to keep the hero enjoyed enough to keep it expending coins after each death.

Course: GAM150

Instructor: Thomas Komair

Type: Team project

Language: CC++

Engine: 2D monolithic game engine built from scratch in C and C++.


My Role: Engine Programmer

Game I was part of during the second semester of my Freshmen year at DigiPen.
This was the first game I developed from scratch, this are some of the features I implemented for the engine:

  • Programmed an object manager that encapsulated all object creation and destruction as well as track them using unique ids.
  • Implemented a 2D graphics system using OpenGL that included a simple 2D lighting system.
  • Developed a simple editor to be able to define the relations between the rooms in the levels.
  • Programmed the particle system modules that would allow other team member to easily create particle effects.
  • Implemented text rendering to be able to show numeric variables in game.

Once the engine was functional I moved to gameplay programming where I worked in multiple areas such as UI, beautification and feedback for the player.

The Team



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