High concept: StoneHeart is a 2D platform based shooting game, where the player has to go though the hazards of the level by making use of her different arrows.

Couses: GAM200 / GAM250

Instructors: Thomas Komair, Iker Silvano

Type: Team project

Language: C++

Engine: 2D data driven Entity Component System game engine built from scratch in C++. We used some external libraries such as OpenGL, Fmod, Json and stb image.



gamelab_smallFinalist – Best Student Game at Gamelab Barcelona 2016

az_play_smallFinalist – Best Basque Game at AzPlay 2016

fun_and_serious_smallFinalist – Best University Game at Fun&Serious 2016

Thanks to our nomination at the AzPlay we had the opportunity to make a presentation about the development process of StoneHeart, the presentation was recorded, you can see the video here. Latter we had the chance to do the presentation on the F&S, again, thanks to the nomination.

My roles: Lead Programmer & Engine Programmer

This was the first whole year project I did at DigiPen Bilbao, we worked on it during 8 months. I designed the whole engine and programmed most part of it. Apart from my programming tasks I scheduled the work for the programming team and coordinated with the artist team in order to meet the given deadlines.

These are some of the features I implemented for the engine:

  • Programmed most of the data driven Entity Component System 2D engine that powered the game.
  • Designed and implemented properties, special variables that will show themselves in the GUI and save/load if they where changed (Similar to what Unreal Engine or Unity do).
  • Developed an event system that was able to dispatch events to the whole world or send messages to specific entities.
  • Programmed a collision system that handled collisions between bounding volumes and tilemap.
  • Implemented 2D graphics pipeline including lighting and a special rendering for the tilemap using a mask so that the tiles did not create an obvious repetition.

The Team




Pre Alpha



Note: Beta could be considered as Gold. We prefer to call it Beta because is an student project.

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