Fast Food


High concept: Fast Food is a 3D arcade adventure game in which you play as an onion, with the mission of freeing the cloud king, who is held captive by an evil leek, Stan Leek, that has settled a monopoly the water distribution in your farm.

Couses: GAM400 / GAM450

Instructor: Daniel Andia

Type: Team project

Language: C++, UE4 Blueprint

Engine: Unreal Engine 4.16


For more info, check out our Twitter (@studiosnuthuk) and Facebook (@fastfoodgame).

My Role: Lead Programmer

As we where using Unreal Engine to develop FastFood, I did different tasks from a wide range of areas such as: character movement, gameplay programming, profiling and optimization. These are some of the tasks I accomplished:

  • Trained the team in the usage of Unreal Engine 4.
  • Developed a fast algorithm to find the nearest point on a spline to a point in world. That then was used by most gameplay elements in the game.
  • Optimized spline mesh rendering by using a custom Level Of Detail algorithm.
  • Generated performance statistics, analyzed them in order to detect performance bottlenecks and made the necessary changes to improve the frame rate of the game.
  • Worked on several gameplay related tasks:
    • Programmed the core movement along spline logic that was used by all game characters.
    • Developed minimap logic with a highlight system synchronised with the current objectives.
    • Integrated all cinematics and implemented the whole game flow.
    • Created checkpoints logic that allowed us to remember the “world state” at specific points of the level.

The Team:



Pitch (Story)

First Playable



Final Trailer

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