High concept: G-Break is a 2D side-scrolling puzzle platformer where the player modifies his own gravity in order to escape from a prison while defeating the guards. The player lives in a world where the wizards are chased by the inquisition and only a few remained out of the prison, one of them was Aron, our player. But one day, Aron, a wizard master of the gravity, gets imprisoned by the inquisition, and is sent to the most secure prison in the world.

Course: GAM100

Instructor: Thomas Komair

Type: Team project

Language: Zilchscript

Engine: Zero Engine

Download: http://games.digipen.edu/games/g-break

My Role: Technical Lead

First project I worked on at DigiPen Bilbao, I worked on it during the first semester of my Freshmen year.
It took 3 months of development using the Zero Engine. I programmed most of the game, which involved player control, puzzle logic and simple enemy behaviour among other things.

The Team

  • Borja Portugal Martin – Technical Lead
  • Imanol Ronco – Producer
  • Ian Liceranzu – Designer

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