Hello Blog!

What is this blog for?

I will use this blog to share my programming and game development related knowledge. Some of the posts may be more technical and some others will be just about game development in general. From time to time I will also post some updates on my professional career as a game developer.

I will take advantage of this first post to talk about my current status 😀

Looking forward to get into the game industry

Currently I am a Senior student at DigiPen Bilbao, expecting to graduate on May 2018 and entering the game industry as an Engine / Tools programmer.

You may be wondering, why engine programmer? I like puzzles since I was a child, that is one of the reasons I wanted to learn how to make games, each game presents new challenges and problems that need to be solved. But, once I started learning how games are created I found that one of the most challenging parts of games is creating the technology of the engines that make everything run smoothly. This is why I started focusing more on engine development.

During my game projects I took the most technical role, thought on the architecture of the engines and built a big portion of them, as well as take part in the implementation decisions of both, engine and gameplay features.

Current Project – Fast Food

I am currently working hand in hand with my classmates on our last project at DigiPen, currently called Fast Food! We are using Unreal Engine 4 to develop it!

To know more about the game follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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